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Here I am at my local town hall setting up an old Bell and Howell 16mm projector.
A huge number of documentaries were filmed on this guage.
It was a professional medium and very expensive to work in.
Used extensively by news reporters, and at film colleges as a first step into 35 mm film making.
I find it a lot easier to repair and work with 16mm as it is twice the size of 8mm and more robust. The down side is, the equipment- film projectors, viewers etc., are all twice the size and weight.
Few ordinary people in the 50s/60s would have used this for "home movies", most preferring the more affordable 8mm instead.
Today much of this "redundant" technology can be found on e-bay and boot sales sometimes provide a reel or two of film.
16mm "home movies" often show much the same type of footage, family events, holidays etc. , but in a more glamorous location.


It had not been my intention to start an archive. In the 80s I spotted a projector for £5.00 on a market, and because it was the same model my Dad had used I bought it on a whim. Much to my surprise it worked (it still does) I then looked round junk shops for little reels of silent film and entertained my kids with Chaplin and Stan and Ollie.

During this time I had trained as a teacher and began taking a little projector into class with me. I found that talking about the little machine, helped break the ice. When asked if they could watch the little reel of film the deal would be, if we got the lesson finished and classroom tidy with 3mins to spare.

As I searched I would sometimes find a reel of “home movie” in amongst the silent greats. It was these "home movies" that were to form the basis of the archive.

After a lucky find at a local market I appeared on local T.V. and radio and made the local papers, this led to invitations to show old films for various local interest groups. Some of the footage went on to feature on the BBC Home Movie Roadshow.

Today we do 4 or 5 shows a year.

Hope to see you at a show.
Paul Dibbins and the Cine-Star crew.


My Name is Joshua Dibbins. I am involved in the digital side of the Archive, creating screen captures and digital edits.

A short interview with me in 2007.

It was shot and edited by Joshua dibbins -

_MG_9080-Recovered copy
_MG_9867 copy

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